Terminal 21 Pattaya
02:03 PM Tuesday 04 December 2018

We went to the Terminal 21 Pattaya shopping mall and boy was it big. Quite a cute concept of trying to be an airport terminal. There were lots of shops divided into different countries. And this is Esther trying DQ (Diary Queen) for the first time.

11:50 AM Tuesday 04 December 2018

We had great fun go-karting. This is probably the first time that the kids did it all by themselves.

Day out at Ko Lan
09:30 AM Monday 03 December 2018

We had a day out at Ko Lan where the kids did all sorts of water activities.

Teddy Bear Museum at Pattaya
07:14 PM Sunday 02 December 2018

After dinner we went to the Teddy Bear Museum which is quite close to the hotel. http://teddybearmuseumpattaya.com/en/

Wet market at Pattaya
04:59 PM Sunday 02 December 2018

After landing in Bangkok, we took a drive to Pattaya where our first stop was a local wet market. We got lots of seafood and had them cooked and packed. We had a good feast in the hotel that night.

Setup updates
07:37 PM Sunday 25 November 2018

It has been a while since I last updated on my setup. The Windows machine has been upgraded with more RAM (24GB) and the GPU has been changed to a NVIDIA GTX 1080TI which is really very fast. The casing has been changed to a Silverstone RL06 which is quite nice with a tempered glass window. The CPU .....

Lunch at Marble
12:43 PM Thursday 22 November 2018

After collecting her PSLE results, we have a wonderful lunch at the Marble where we tried their tasting menu.

Our Christmas Tree
08:19 PM Wednesday 21 November 2018

Pauline got a live Christmas tree this year which we have to water using ice cubes everyday. We went over to IMM to get a bunch of decorations which Esther and her little helper decorated.  

Our first live Christmas tree
01:40 PM Monday 19 November 2018

Pauline decided to get a live Christmas tree this year.

Let's Go Jalan Jalan
12:12 PM Sunday 18 November 2018

Pauline and I went to the event “Let’s Go Jalan Jalan” at the Turf Club. There were lots of food stores. We had a great lunch there.