Trip to Rainforest Lumina
07:45 PM Monday 24 December 2018

Esther wanted to visit the Night Safari so we got tickets to both the Night Safari and Rainforest Lumina which was a new attraction. Rainforest Lumina did not feature any real animals but the light effects were amazing.

Latte art
02:13 PM Monday 24 December 2018

Had a latte at Chocolate Origin at Jurong Point and it came with a nice latte art.

Coffee grinder cleaning
09:00 AM Monday 24 December 2018

Took apart the grinder today for cleaning. It was really dirty. But after some cleaning, it looks really new.

Donut is so skinny
12:53 PM Sunday 23 December 2018

Donut has not had a grooming session for almost 3 months and her fur was terribly tangled as a result. The groomer had no choice but to shave it short. She looks so skinny like this, almost like a Chihuahua.

Esther with Donut
09:01 PM Saturday 22 December 2018

Three cakes
08:59 PM Saturday 22 December 2018

Esther, Megan and Samantha helped to bake three cakes over 2 days.

Pauline at Dunman High
09:44 AM Thursday 20 December 2018

So Esther got into Dunman High and we were there for registration. While waiting in the queue, Pauline found a nice chair to sit on 🙂

Drawing of a wolf
07:12 PM Tuesday 18 December 2018

Esther did a drawing of a wolf on a scrap piece of paper while waiting for dinner. 

New site
09:29 PM Sunday 16 December 2018

After using Wordpress for the last couple of years, I have finally decided to do something new. So the posts are now stored in Evernote where I will use to create and update the posts. I have written a script taking advantage of the Evernote API to extract the posts from Evernote to the local databa .....

The cat again
04:26 PM Sunday 16 December 2018

It is the same cat near our car again.