Esther's snack arrangement
07:39 AM Monday 14 January 2019

Esther took a stab at snack arrangement.

Trip to the Zoo
10:06 AM Sunday 13 January 2019

Pauline got tickets to the zoo again and we went there for a walk and some photography. 

Botanic Gardens
10:19 AM Sunday 06 January 2019

Pauline and I brought little donut to the Botanic Gardens. Along the way, I managed to take some interesting photos.

First day of school
06:26 AM Wednesday 02 January 2019

We have been taking selfies in the lift for the first day of school for a while now.

Esther in her new school uniform
03:03 PM Tuesday 01 January 2019

Esther wearing her new school uniform. Getting stuff prepared for the first day of school one day before school starts.

Lunch at the habitat by honestbee
12:24 PM Tuesday 01 January 2019

We had lunch at the newly opened habitat by honestbee. The place is rather interesting, very open but the boundaries between different areas is rather unclear. Dining and supermarket goods were all over the place and it took us a while to realize that ordering of the food was done using the mobile a .....

Our very dead Christmas tree
08:25 AM Monday 31 December 2018

After more than a month, our Christmas tree is looking really dead.

Related posts feature
07:27 AM Monday 31 December 2018

Added a related posts feature to the website using Jaccard's distances of the nouns in each of the posts.

Trip to the Flower Dome
03:57 PM Tuesday 25 December 2018

We had a great walk at the Flower Dome where they were having a special for Tsum Tsum.

Word cloud
09:51 AM Tuesday 25 December 2018

Now that the website is running my own codes, it is a lot easier to add new functionality. Over the break, I added a word cloud to the site. For this, I had to use NLTK to categorize the words into part of speech and then use all the nouns for the word cloud. For .....