Monthly Archives: November 2017

National Steps Challenge

So there is apparently an initiative (the National Steps Challenge) to get Singaporeans to be healthy and walk around more. The initiative gives people $5 if they can accumulate 750 healthpoints which translates to walking 10,000 steps daily for 19 days.

So I tried to figure out how much energy is generated by a human step and got data from companies trying to use floor pads to harness energy. They estimated that we can get up to 7 watts per step.

Using a more conservative estimate of 2W, the following is the calculations for the amount of energy generated.

19 days x 10,000 steps = 190, 000 steps

190,000 steps x 2 W = 380,000 W or 380 kW

380 kW / (60 x 60) = 0.1056 kWh

Given that electricity in Singapore cost about S$0.203 per kW, the cost of the energy generated is as follows:

0.1056 kWh x S$0.203 = S$0.02

Wow, that is really quite a small amount. All that walking for 19 days and you generate about 2 cents worth of energy.