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Paradise Country

After Movie World, the next day we went to Paradise Country which aims to show case the Australia farm.

The kids had a good time doing gold sieving. Ernest and Esther were so excited finding interesting looking stones. They did not find any gold but they had a good time.

They also tried opal mining which they also liked. It was a very structured setup, there were little opals embedded in clay balls and these clay balls were then placed into holes in the walls which are then covered with compacted sand. Each of these holes were numbered and contained a random number of clay balls ranging from 1 to 3.  All the kids had to do was to use a small hammer and knock away the compacted sand to reveal the clay balls. Then they had to break up the clay to reveal the opal which after cleaning was rather nice.

We also watched a short show where they demonstrated the making of tea and bread by the cowboys. Then it was off to another short show about horses and its usefulness to the cowboys.

The last show of the day was one about the sheep. There was the mandatory sheep shearing which was interesting for the kids.

Movie World

After Sea World, the next day we went to Movie World which is actually pretty close to Sea World. Movie World was really nice for Ernest since it had all his favourite super heroes like Green Lantern. Esther could not go for some of the rides due to height restrictions so Ernest did not take them as he wanted to ride them with Esther. So the kids went for more of the kiddish ones which is probably less fun.

The Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 was a very good show and everyone loved it. It was really exciting to see the bikes fly through the air and the cars to drift around. The kids and Pauline absolutely loved it.

Sea World

After coming back to Surfer’s Paradise from Tangalooma, the next day we went to Sea World. The kids had lots of fun at Sea World. There was not a lot of people around so it was really nice to walk about. Compared to congested and packed Singapore, it was a great experience to move around without the need to queue too long for anything.

The kids took full advantage of this by taking the rides over and over again. Pauline and I were too chicken to take any of the rides, so settled for looking at the kids have fun.

One of the attraction was a high confidence area where one could don a harness and move around balancing on beam and ropes up high. I had to accompany the kids since Esther was too small for this. And boy was I afraid. I have this thing with heights and being up there with nothing but the harness and walking on narrow beams was really too much. But I braved it with Esther and she had a good time.

We stayed at Sea World the whole day. There were lots to do and the kids were exhausted by the end of the day.

Kids on ATV

While at Tangalooma, we took the opportunity to take a ride on the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). These are like super sized bikes with 4 wheels that are supposed to be able to go anywhere. Pauline and I took a 2 sitter and we rode in tandem with me steering the ATV. The kids had a kiddie sized ATV each. It was lots of fun. Pauline thought it was really scary. Here are the kids on their ATV.



Tangalooma beach

Decide to take the opportunity to take some pictures of the sunset at Tangalooma.

The following is a HDR. I think the composition is rather nice and there are some nice colors. The little boat adds a bit of interest to the picture.



The next one was also a HDR post processed for some lens blurring effects to put the focus on the sun.



The next one I really like. I like the composition and the colors.


The next one is the only one which is not a HDR but processed in Color Efex Pro 4 instead. The colors are the main interest here.



Shipwrecks at Tangalooma

On the second day at Tangalooma, we took a boat out to have a look at the shipwrecks near the island. Along the way, we saw lots of fishes in the clear waters. Pauline even managed to get a photo of a bird snacking on a fish.


The shipwrecks are serving as home for many marine life but it is still sad to see these once functional ships in this state.



Dolphin feeding

One of the key highlights of the resort is definitely the dolphin feeding. Visitors get to feed the dolphins which come to the beach regularly. The attraction for the dolphins would of course be the free fishes handed out to them. But the visitors do get a nice pitch by the guides on their conservation efforts.

For the kids, it was certainly exciting and they were really looking forward to it. We had originally planned to go as a family but Pauline and Ernest felt too cold since it was in the evening and we had to get wet walking into the waters at the beach. So in the end, it was brave Esther and myself. It was certainly very cold in the water and we were shivering from the cold. But it was certainly an experience being able to see the dolphins up close and to feed them.